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Terms and Conditions (Sales Contract)

This Sales Agreement (the Agreement for the sale and purchase of services) is:
BETWEEN: (named "the Seller"),
AND: The Customer (named "the Buyer")

1. SALE OF SERVICES is an online tool designed to help students and instructors in detecting and preventing academic plagiarism. We have created this service in an effort to make a contribution to the protection of intellectual property and provision of an honest academic environment. conducts deep and thorough scan for plagiarism of all submitted documents within several minutes only. runs against all existing Internet resources, including websites, digital databases and online libraries. The program highlights plagiarized parts and indicates the original source the passage was taken from. generates a report on the overall originality rating, indicating percentage of plagiarized materials in the submitted text. The report can be shared with other people by simply following the generated link.

The service is intended for personal and non-commercial use. Any resale of the product to the third parties is prohibited by these Terms and Conditions. Any use of the product for unlawful purposes is prohibited by these Terms and Conditions. This product is our intellectual property and any usage of its elements is persecuted by United States and International Laws.

The Buyer signifies his/her agreement to all of the below Terms and Conditions by using website. The Terms and Conditions is a subject for possible future revisions and changes. Continued usage of our website automatically means acceptance of any possible editions to the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please, promptly leave our website.

The Seller offers various packages.
The Buyer is entitled to choose whichever package suits him/her better. In cases when the chosen package needs to be changed, the Buyer is able to top up his/her account at any moment.
The Seller provides the Buyer with a free access to a customer center interface, which stores all scanned documents and plagiarism reports, gives information on account balance and amount of words left for scan, allows to schedule future scans, stores Buyer personal information, etc.
All packages are guaranteed to be valid for the period of 6 months after the last payment. After 6 months, membership does not expire and the Buyer can use the service whenever it is needed, while the Seller has a right to deny providing a service. The Seller does not offer recurring billing, so it is a Buyer's responsibility to extend his/her membership, if desired.

The Buyer shall pay for the service, rendered by the Seller prior to the receipt of that service. Seller has a right to deny in rendering a service if payment information seems to be suspicious and Buyer is refusing to prove his/her identity and card possession on Seller's request.

The Buyer understands that a plagiarism report will be delivered within the selected delivery period (immediate scan or regular scan) to the email address provided in the order form and will be downloadable from the customer center once it is complete at any time. Customer Center details are provided to the Buyer right after placing his/her order - the Seller sends a confirmation email with all the details about the order, including Customer Center information. The Buyer should contact the seller if he/she did not receive an order confirmation email after placing his/her order. The Buyer will receive cart order id and use it for all references, when contacting the Seller or logging into and downloading complete paper from the Customer Center.
It is a Buyer's responsibility to download the complete plagiarism report from the Customer Center. The Seller is not responsible for delays caused by the Buyer's email server (including problems with spam folders) and does not accept any complaints about not receiving plagiarism reports via email because all reports can be downloaded from the Customer Center at any time.

The Seller is entitled to cancel any order if the order seems suspicious. The Seller guarantees to notify The Buyer in advance before issuing a full refund. The Seller might also ask the Buyer for a proof their identity to make sure that the credit card really belongs to a person, who placed the order. Credit card fraud is a serious criminal offense and all suspicious cases will be forwarded to the corresponding organizations.
The Seller has a 14-day money-back guarantee in cases when no more than 3000 words have been scanned. Scans of 3000 words and less are considered as a "free-trials" and are subjects to possible refunds. However, scanning of more than 3000 words automatically means the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions through use and is not a subject for a refund. The Seller will also return the full amount paid for using the service if the service is/was not available because of the Seller's technical problems.
The Seller will not reduce the amount of a refund for any return that occurs in accordance with our return Policy, or for any refund that is initiated by 2CO.

Any information submitted by the buyer will be used solely for the purpose of completing the transaction, delivering the product and addressing any customer service issues. We will not use this information for any other purposes. We will not store any information on our customers' identities and will not release it to the third parties.

9. SUPPLIER LANGUAGE DISCLAIMER Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by our service.

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