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Document: Hurricane Trends
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In the past year alone the severity and the number of hurricanes have increased dramatically. In decades earlier you might have one "killer" hurricane, but with the advent of nineties, hurricanes Andrew, Hugo, Frances, Gloria, Ivan and the most recent one Jeanne have changed the landscape of the eastern seacoast to the point where people who have lived there for decades, now have a hard time recognizing their neighborhoods. (Ref: 1) Hurricane Gloria actually reached as far north as Connecticut, creating havoc and costing the insurance industry billions of dollars. Earlier there would be ten forecasted hurricanes for the season, which begins in June and ends by November. Of ten hurricanes only 3 might be a level 3 or above. With the dawn of the millennium this number has been increased to twenty forecasted hurricanes yearly, of which five or more being a level 3 or above. (Ref: 2)

The recent back-to-back major hurricane season, which is not over yet, is nothing but a prelude to the future. (Ref: 3)
According to scientists, the effect of global warming is behind the increase of "killer" hurricanes. The periodicity of hurricanes in the next hundred years is going to increase by 60-70% according to recent studies. (Ref: 4)

It's been noted the formation of hurricanes is closely related to weather conditions around the globe. (Ref: 5)
In 1991 the winters were particularly cold in Alaska and Siberia, yet it was the same year when many furious hurricanes, notably Andrew, have struck Florida, causing catastrophic losses. (Ref: 6) As time passed, scientists realized that there is a connection between weather conditions in other parts of the planet and the number of forecasted hurricanes. (Ref: 7) This relation is commonly referred to as teleconnection. (Ref: 8) The easterly winds of both hemispheres merge near the equator, in the area called the "Intertropical Convergence Zone", resulting in continuous clouds and thunderstorms that encircle portions of the Earth near the equator, producing a narrow band of clouds and thunderstorms that encircle of the globe. (Ref: 9)

The formation and movement of hurricanes largely depends on wind circulation and this, in its turn, is influenced by the weather conditions on the continental scale. This is the main factor of teleconnection phenomenon. Apparently, Earth's atmosphere exist as a whole in order for us to forecast the formation of new hurricanes, the thorough study of Earth's weather is a must. (Ref: 10)

With the respect of hurricane forecasting for the next 5 years, we can definitely say that the number of hurricanes will increase drastically. (Ref: 11)
Global warming is causing the weather conditions to change worldwide. It will inevitably lead to an increased damage that we're to expect from hurricanes. It has to be kept in mind that the population density in high-risk areas is also increasing, making every next hurricane even more potentially dangerous. (Ref: 12)

Despite the governments effort to cut down on air pollution, which is the main cause for the "greenhouse effect" that causes global warming, we're still to expect the this process is gaining more momentum, because of Earth's population rapid growth. (Ref: 13)
The increased atmosphere temperature will cause the Polar ice cap to melt, resulting in raised ocean levels. This will bring drastic changes in air masses circulation, causing in increased wind's speeds. These, in their turn, will make air masses with different temperature values to collide more rapidly, thus adding to the ferociousness of hurricanes. (Ref: 14)

If nowadays the areas with high hurricanes risk are relatively small, in 50 years from now the hurricanes will become a commonplace occurrence in such part of the world as Europe and continental Russia. (Ref: 15)
The world will change dramatically because of that.

It appears very doubtful that the issue of reducing the damages caused by hurricanes in USA can be effectively addressed on national level. (Ref: 16)
The global problem requires a global solving approach. It won't be too daring to suggest that in a few years, the global warming and problem of hurricanes will become the foremost concern for all the nations. (Ref: 17)

If I were a senator from Florida to U.S. Congress, I'd ask for additional funds to be given to the state for the purpose of improving anti-hurricane infrastructure. (Ref: 18) Today, only about 40% of all the buildings in Florida are considered to be hurricane-proof. Every new hurricane causes an immense damage to the state economy. It also causes the insurance rates go up nation wide, as everyday people in non risk areas have to pay higher premiums to offset the cost of the hurricane damage. (Ref: 19)

I would also suggest that the insurance companies take a closer look at their premium structure and rates. Those who live in hurricane prone areas should pay a special premium for water damage and hurricane related expenses. (Ref: 20)

Presently, the government under FEMA pays for all the damages to the people's properties caused by hurricanes, by giving "hurricane grants and loans". Given the fact that hurricanes are likely to hit Florida at ever-increasing rate, I'd suggest that those high risk areas are only allowed to collect under FEMA once in their life time. The American taxpayers should not be subsidizing those who wish to live in high-risk areas. (Ref: 21)

In my opinion, the additional funds would have to be funded for advanced hurricane forecasting. At the present time, meteorological services cannot accurately predict where hurricanes will go, although this can be accomplished in principle. (Ref: 22) Through the increased use of satellites, Doppler radar and good old-fashioned forecasting there should be a reduced loss of life. (Ref: 23)

I would also propose that storm walls be erected to combat the storm surge, which can be as high as 50 feet during the major hurricane. (Ref: 24)
In Haiti alone 1500 people drowned from the storm surge from Hurricane Jeanne just recently. It shows that the danger of hurricane related storm surges cannot be underestimated and can therefore be catastrophic.

As a senator I, would go to great lengths insuring the public safety in storm related areas. In my opinion, we need to adopt a logical approach every time we deal with this issue. (Ref: 25) Unpopular measures might have to be taken, such as banning mobile homes and non-compliance hurricane property in the area. (Ref: 26) Stricter safety laws would have to be enacted and enforced. People need to realize that every once in a while sacrifices needs to be made, in order to combat Mother Nature. (Ref: 27) We cannot stop nature but we can lessen her damage to us, by taking safety precautions.

As the saying goes: "There is a high price to live in paradise". (Ref: 28)

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