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forgot password? is a new, easy-to-use online plagiarism checker tool designed to help students and instructors in detecting and preventing academic plagiarism. Our powerful and user-friendly engine conducts deep and thorough check for plagiarism of a submitted document within several minutes only. Plagiarism scanner runs against all existing Internet resources, including websites, digital databases and online libraries (such as Questia, ProQuest, etc.). Our online tool leaves no chances for plagiarized works. The program highlights plagiarized parts and indicates the original source the passage was taken from. Finally, generates a report on the overall originality rating, indicating percentage of plagiarized materials in the submitted text. The report can be shared with other people by simply following the generated link.

How it works:

  • paste your document in our online form
  • wait several minutes for immediate plagiarism check OR schedule a later scan
  • get a plagiarism report (see our sample plagiarism detection report)

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*From our experience, a student usually uses 30,000 to 50,000 words to check documents for plagiarism during one academic year.

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